Get Involved!


Photo by Jose LarochelleYour support of our Society, in whatever ways you are able, will make a lasting difference in the lives of over 1700 young people each year.

Sail training with SALTS helps young people develop physically, spiritually, mentally, and relationally. Our ships create a community atmosphere that helps them feel loved and accepted for who they are. Sailing the ship requires teamwork and a strong work ethic—attributes that will serve young trainees well throughout their lives. We provide physical challenges that stretch trainees beyond what they thought they could accomplish. We leave the distractions of electronic gadgets and multimedia behind, so young people have time to reflect about what matters most in life. We select our crew members based in large part on their relational skills and ability to be a positive role model and mentor for young people. We do this because the type of person that a young man or woman admires is the type of person they will become!

No wonder we hear so often that “SALTS changes lives”. Your investment will help build up young people—the future of all of society!

In the next 40 years, I hope that SALTS is still changing lives and creating amazing connections between humans of all ages.
Summer 2014 Volunteer