Group Sailing Trips - The Ultimate Field Trip

What to Expect of Outdoor Education on a Tall Ship

Trainees enjoy an amazing view following an Island walk.Every year, over 30 public and private schools, university programs, and youth groups bring 20 - 30 young people to take part in a learning experience of a lifetime!  Open to ages 13 - 25 and their adult chaperones, SALTS provides sail training aboard two heritage tall ships, Pacific Swift and Pacific Grace. Four and five-day voyages embark/disembark at the Inner Harbour of Victoria BC, and travel through the beautiful Gulf Islands.

In this model of experiential learning, 'trainees' (both young people and adult chaperones) operate the ship with professional crew-members as their guides. No previous sailing experience is necessary. It is awe-inspiring for a young person to take the helm of a 138-foot, 175-ton tall ship!

Life Aboard Ship

During the day, the vessel is typically under way with trainees taking part in every aspect of life aboard including raising and lowering sails, navigation, steering the ship, galley work, marine radio watch and anchor watch at night. In addition to the ongoing training, formal sailing lessons are taught on topics such as knots, chartwork, rules of the road and points of sail. A snug anchorage is usually reached by late afternoon followed by a shoreside excursion in the ship's dories to local marine parks, beaches and historical sites. Delicious meals are prepared on board by the ship's cook with an emphasis on hearty, nutritious ingredients. Most special dietary needs can be accommodated. Evening 'mug up' is a time of singing, entertainment and classic tales of the sea followed by warm drinks and freshly baked treats.

Learning Outcomes and Linkages to School Curriculum

A group sail training trip with SALTS offers tremendous opportunities to bring classroom theories and concepts to life. From biology lessons taught in the intertidal zone of a remote, coastal island to math and physics concepts brought to life reading charts and plotting navigation routes, experiential learning happens every day aboard a tall ship. Linkages to provincial school curriculum and learning outcomes are significant.
For more information about Group Program trip fees and how to register, visit our Cost and Registration section or contact SALTS Booking Manager, Sherilyn Thomson at 1-888-383-6811.

When our kids come back from trips, they are transformed. Year in and year out I love hearing the phrase from parents, 'what did you do with my kid?' Often we hear, 'I can't get them to shut up ... they are so full of life ... you've created a monster' (in a good way). This is the magic of SALTS.
School Principal from Calgary, AB