Sample Group Trip Itinerary (Five Day Sail)

PLEASE NOTE: Activities and schedule depend on weather, currents, and the trainees' needs.

Day One:

Board the Pacific Swift or Pacific Grace at 1030 hours. Captain's welcome address is followed by a safety orientation for approximately two hours. Watch Officers are introduced and the group is divided into three 'Watches'.  One Watch is on duty at all times with all hands on deck to set sail. Duties rotate through Bow Watch, Stern Watch, Helm, Radio Watch and Night Watch. Ship sets sail around 1230 hours reaching the Gulf Islands by evening. Mug-up each evening often involves games, music, singing, stories and delicious, home-made treats.

Day Two:

Photo by Levi AllenLessons taught about launching and rowing the dories are followed by a trip to shore for games and exploring. After returning to the ship, sail training lessons about sailing terminology, knots and theory follow. During the trip, trainees are encouraged to use their time on Watch to practice what they've learned in their sail training lessons. The ship will sail to another anchorage allowing trainees to begin to apply sailing terminology and skills. Anchorages may include De Courcy Island Group, Thetis Island, Montague Bay at Galiano Island or Sidney Spit.

Day Three:

Similar to day two with a focus on reinforcing the terminology and activities taught over the past two days. Trainees will often have another opportunity to launch dories, go ashore, weigh anchor, sail the ship and participate in more lessons. All lessons for the Junior Sailing Certificate will be completed by the evening of day three. As well, all trainees will have the opportunity to complete the various oral exams required of sailing certification levels at any time they feel adequately prepared. When not on Watch, trainees are welcome to put on a safety harness and climb the rigging or out onto the bowsprit to watch for whales and wildlife.  he ship could be anchored in any of the aforementioned anchorages depending on the weather and conditions.

Day Four:

After a hearty breakfast and clean-up, written exam materials are reviewed for sailing certificate levels.  Written exams are completed and oral exams are wrapped up. The Ship's Store is opened for orders of SALTS gear and clothing in the afternoon.

Day Five:

Playing games and sailing off Victoria's waterfront.  The ship will arrive in the Inner Harbour in Victoria around 1530 hours allowing time for final photographs and farewells.

Possible Activities:

This is not a scenic cruise - participants learn every aspect of sailing the ship: raising and lowering sails, navigation and steering, galley work, bosun's chores, marine radio watch, and anchor watch at night. In addition to the ongoing training, five formal sailing lessons are taught (terminology, knots, chartwork, points of sail and rules of the road). Participants can work towards completing six oral exams and achieving at least 80% on a written test to earn their Junior Sail Training Standard. We do as much sailing as possible, and also carry out daily shore excursions to marine parks and other interesting shore locations using the ship's classic wooden dories. These visits may included hiking, swimming, exploring sea caves, viewing marine life, or playing group games or sports on a white sandy beach. Aboard ship, activities may include a rope swing, climbing the rigging or sitting in the rope netting (i.e. whiskers) at the bow of the ship (with climbing harnesses), watching whales or porpoises, and evening mug-up - a time of engaging games, singing, and classic tales of the sea.