Desolation Sound Voyage

Trip 1 - Both Ships

Trip Highlights

The brilliant blue waters of Desolation Sound. Photo by Levi Allen.

  • Depart from Victoria, BC and sail north through the Strait of Georgia with great opportunities for wildlife sightings including humpback and orca whales, sea lions, otters, bald eagles and a variety of coastal birds.
  • Exploration in remote Desolation Sound renowned for its spectacular fjords and rugged glaciated peaks, waterfalls and protected coves. Shore excursions can include visits to beautiful white sand beaches for games and a bonfire, forest walks to remote turquoise lakes, showers at river-fed waterfalls and much more.
  • A good balance of gentle open passage sailing along with coastal exploration and spectacular scenery.
  • Boarding and disembarking in downtown Victoria with easy access to buses, Victoria International Airport, the Blackball Ferry Line or Clipper Ferry from Washington and BC Ferries to the mainland of British Columbia.

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Route Area


My trip with SALTS allowed me to watch Grizzlies and swing off the bowsprit into the freezing waters of Knight Inlet; it allowed me to spend time connecting with fellow trainees on the aft deck or in the hold; and it allowed me to spend 10 days surrounded - without distractions - by the beauty of creation.
Summer 2015 Trainee