Frequently Asked Questions

What is sail training?
Sail training is more than learning how to sail. Sail training is about character development and personal growth in the context of a close-knit community on board the ship. It provides intensive life experiences to stimulate leadership development, team building, a heightened awareness of nature, and an appreciation of historical sailing vessels. Sail training develops confidence, environmental stewardship, courage, strength, and humility. In the process, trainees learn all aspects of sailing the ship, such as navigation, sailing terms, parts of the ship, wheel operation, galley chores, line and sail handling, knots, etc.

When and where do I board and disembark the ship?
Boarding details, including times and a map will be provided in your boarding package email . Boarding and disembarking times will be updated on the “Summer Trips” page of our website once  airline and bus schedules are confirmed early in 2017.

How can I arrange transportation and accommodation for before/after the voyage?
Links to accommodation and transportation options can be found at

What about rough seas and seasickness?
Some of our summer trips (and our group trips) take place within the protected waters of the Gulf Islands and on the east side of Vancouver Island. The seas rarely become rough enough to cause discomfort, unless someone is particularly sensitive to motion. Some of our summer trips later in the season navigate the larger open seas of the Pacific on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The seas may get lumpy and uncomfortable and seasickness is not uncommon. However, it does not take long before most people become acclimated and comfortable on the larger seas. It is well worth it to experience the rugged and beautiful west coast! If you know that you are prone to seasickness, you should check with your physician for medicinal recommendations.

What are the berths like?
Each berth is a single bunk with a mattress. Bunks are in three tiers (levels that do not overlap) on each side of the ship.

Do you offer vegetarian or special diets?
Yes, our professional cooks can accommodate vegetarian and special dietary needs. It is important to complete this information accurately on your profile form so that our cooks can be prepared in advance for any special needs.

How often do we go ashore?
We try to get ashore once per day, weather permitting.

Who will be on board my sailing trip?
There are 28 trainees on board each summer trip. Fourteen girls and fourteen boys are divided into two different holds (sections of the boat) and each hold has a head (small washroom). There will be nine crew members on board leading the sail training activities.

Do I need sailing experience?
No, anyone aged 13 - 25 can sail on one of our summer trips (provided they meet SALTS physical fitness and agility requirements). We do all the training required.

How much do we sail?
We sail as much as the wind and weather will allow.

Can I recharge my camera batteries?
Yes, we do have outlets for battery chargers and these outlets are shared amongst everyone, so it is best to have some backup batteries in case you do not have access exactly when needed. Other appliances (e.g. hair dryers, computers, iPods) should be left at home.

Can I bring my musical instrument?
Please call the office in advance to make these arrangements unless your instrument can fit into your pocket. There are many opportunities to play your instrument and we love music, but we need to make sure we have space on board!

Do I need money on the trip? How much?
There will be SALTS gear sold on the ships on the last day.  We accept debit cards, credit cards, or cash (though we advise you not to carry large amounts of cash). You will not need other money for use during your voyage, but may need some for before and after your voyage.

How safe is the boat?
Please visit our safety section.

Do I really need rubber boots?
Yes. Although our summer season is less likely to have lengthy rainy periods, if it is pouring rain for four hours during your watch duty, you could end up very uncomfortable and with wet shoes for the rest of the trip. You do not need to go out and purchase expensive deck boots; plain ‘gum boots’ work just fine.

Does my SALTS voyage qualify toward the Duke of Edinburgh Award?
Some parts of a SALTS voyage can be used to meet certain requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.  Please contact your local Duke of Edinburgh Award office to confirm this prior to your trip.  When you board the ship, you must also let your Watch Officer know that you are working towards your Duke of Edinburgh Award and what objectives you are planning to achieve.

What are the physical or mental health requirements?
Click here to view our Physical and Mental Health Policy.