Boarding Policy

To board your ship, your registration file must be complete! We cannot board anyone who has not submitted a current medical insurance number (i.e. Care Card number; or travel medical insurance documentation if you are from outside Canada). We also must have a fully signed and completed Disclosure of Risks and Waiver form, which will be provided several months prior to sailing. Please call the office if you have any concerns or questions.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Trip fees paid prior to April 1, 2017 are refundable when cancellation is received in writing.

The registration fee is refundable in the following circumstances:
  • We are not able to offer a trip for any of the applicant's trip choices for the summer 2017 season.
  • The applicant withdraws their trip request or removes their name from our waitlist (in writing) before we have sent a trip offer.  Trip choices must be kept up to date in order to avoid being offered a trip that is no longer suitable.

Conduct Policy

For the safety of the ships, crew and trainees, discipline has a very high priority on board. Rules must not be treated lightly and the chain of command from Master through Watch Officers and Watch Leaders to trainees is in effect at all times. Absolutely NO radios, MP3 players or iPods, hand-held video games, chewing gum, alcohol or illegal drugs are permitted on board. A NO SMOKING policy will be in effect both on the ship and during shoreside activities. Please be aware that smoking will NOT be permitted from the time you board until the time you disembark at the end of the trip. Infractions of this policy will lead to immediate disembarking. Thank you for your cooperation.

Physical and Mental Health Requirements

Please find our policy regarding physical and mental health requirements HERE.